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The Giant Journey

The Giant Journey

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A New Way to Familiarise Your Child With the World’s Best People

Do you ever wish that your children knew more about the Prophets so they could love and follow them? Do you wish for your children to follow the Prophets examples in life? Well, the Giant journey does exactly that will help you heaps in getting your children to know all about Allah’s finest creations. It helps your child become more familiar with the Prophets and their lives, ensuring that they do so in a fun way that engages their hearts and minds. The Giant Journey is our most popular all-time puzzle and has helped thousands of children learn and love the Prophets of Allah.

  • It’s an all-in-one story image which sticks in your child’s mind as it is visually engaging which helps them remember the Prophets in a fun way.
  • Each Prophet has an image relating to a highlight from their story so your child builds an immediate mental association for better long-term memory.
  • There is a pathway which helps your child learn the order in which the Prophets were sent.
  • here are subtle details in the images which reveal hidden relationships between the Prophets for the more advanced children
  • The names tags of the Prophets are interchangeable so you can assess your child by asking them to put the name of the Prophet next to the correct image.
  • The names of the Prophet also come in Arabic. This allows your child to become familiar with how the names of the Prophets are shown in the Noble Quran.
  • The Giant Journey is a large floor puzzle with 30 pieces ensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child to complete. It is also easy to handle and the pieces are not small assuring that the pieces will not get lost.
  • The fact that this is a puzzle, guarantees that your child is more likely to learn about the Prophets in a much more engaging and fun way.
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