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Rasasi Perfumes

Mahyouba Oil 30ml

Mahyouba Oil 30ml

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Mahyouba is lavenderous and sensual fragrance that radiates beauty and offers luxury. It has been created to fascinate and delight the wearer.The elegant design on the bottle along with its exquisite gem stones creates luxurious and attractive look.

Top note opens with fresh lavender and citric scent followed by a light flowery, fruity and woody middle note. The fragrance then ends on a strong woody and musky notes that stays on for a very long time to not only impress the wearer but also creates a rich and royal feeling. Engulf yourself with this excellent oriental exotic and the rest of the day keep fresh and energetic!!

Top note:

  • Lavender
  • Citric
  • Light flowery
  • Fruity
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