Samawi Oil 20ml – Unisex

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  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Flowers, Citrus, Saffron
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Roses, Geraniums, Sandalwood, Amber
  • BASE NOTES: Musk

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Samawi oil by Rasasi, one of the leading perfume houses in the Middle East is blended out of exclusive notes that emphasise beauty. The sweetness and warmth of its composition makes it ideal for every occasion. Available as a 20 ml perfume oil in a unique boxed bottle. Ideal as a gift.

Combining a mix of Exclusive ingredients of Heavenly notes.
Samawi is a World Famous modern scent which exudes a sleek and simplistic elegance enveloping the wearer in a delicate weave of contemporary elements.
The fragrance, with its clean, back to basics chic is designed to
appeal to those who seek practical scents, reminiscent of outdoor freshness.

This particular perfume oil is pleasing to all cultures and tastes, it is sensuous, mysterious, strong, unadulatered, with the different notes totally fused together, so the notes are very hard to identify. It is called Samawi, simply because the notes are pronounced throughout.


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