Aniq's Ramadan Stock 2022

Al Salāmu ‘Alaykum

Alhamdu lillāh all ready for you on the shelf. Kindly excuse if I’m not able to take your calls and respond to the msgs. For out of Leicester customers, see if you can send someone on your behalf to the shop.

NB – As always we will have a queue system but the weather is not looking brilliant! 😬

Jazākallāhu Khayrā for your patience. We are ready to serve you in shā Allāh.

Aniq Leicester

Alhamdu lillāh 10 New Colours of Aniq’s New Jubbas, Thobes.

Aniq's Ramadan Stock 2022

Colours Range from Forest Floor, Muted Clay, Oud Wood, Emerald Vision, Inkwell Blue, Grape Motion, Blue Haze, Ash Grey, Matted, Purple Addiction.